A New Future

The Future-Living Lab is working hard with Oaks of Righteousness to plan and design a bright future for boys and girls with affordability, sustainability, modularity, and community in mind.

Future-Living Lab will help us build homes with the capacity to house about ten children each. In each home, there will be two caregivers who will care for the children with love and safety in mind. By providing a family oriented setting for these children, we believe that they will regain the opportunity to develop a sense of self and wholeness once again.

The orphanage also aims to create a small, tight-knit community that the children can be a part of. Lizette currently has over three acres of land to start with, which will be transformed to have the following resources

  • A large playground for children to play and socialize
  • Large pens for farm animals and a chicken coop to teach self-sustainability
  • A vegetable garden to teach the values of farming and where our food comes from
  • A housing facility for children and their guardians

Design proposals for the orphanage has been ongoing. Here are some of the latest concepts that have been developed in the past.


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